Urban living in a suburban-style environment……

JT&T Community

Jamaicaway Tower & Townhouses offers a unique blend of people who live harmoniously in a gracious living environment. Few complexes embrace a more diverse and vibrant constituency to include students, scientists, doctors, educators and business owners.


Dr. Karin Andersson, hepatologist, and husband Brett Cohen, VP of Operations for a healthcare company, take a few minutes out of their busy day to pose with children Caleb, Annika, and Elsa. As their family has grown, they have moved from a one bedroom to two bedroom and finally to a three-bedroom townhouse.

We love living at JT&T and are very impressed with the many families moving into the complex. The neighborhood is great for kids, particularly the many parks the children can enjoy. And they look forward to an ice cream at J P Lick’s after a long day at the park!”


Sonia Kuo, family therapist, has been living at JT&T for two years.

I love Jamaica Plain and the friendly, warm atmosphere. When I saw the view from the apartment on the eleventh floor, I was sold! My friends are always surprised when they see the beauty and amenities here such as the pool and exercise facilities, which I use every day.


David Reisen & Ann Peck – Psychiatrist and educational documentary film maker respectively are smitten with JT&T and its excellent amenities and unique location. They enjoy a commanding view from their 29th floor apartment where they often entertain.

Location. Location. Location. JT&T is in close proximity to everything. Best of all, we love the easy access to the most popular bus in Boston (# 39), which takes us directly to Symphony Hall!


Robyn Laing, a computer software consultant and South African native, is often airborne with a busy work schedule. When searching for a safe, secure, and appealing community to live, JT&T swept her away.

The first of many amenities that grabbed my attention was that my car would be free of snow – no digging! The grounds at JT&T are always nicely groomed and well salted during the nasty weather. The staff is fantastic and I always feel safe and comfortable when I am home to enjoy everything the community has to offer. Living here is very manageable.


Frank Davis, president of TERC a nonprofit organization specializing in mathematics and science educational materials, finds relaxation and enjoyment in a tranquil setting.

I particularly enjoy living at JT&T because of its closeness to Jamaica Pond and Olmsted Park where I enjoy an early morning jog (more like a quick walk!). It is always a pleasure to see a few members of our community taking in the serenity of the pond. It’s a great way to start off a busy day.


Norman Dobbs, who is retired from Houghton Mifflin Company, and Jack Jarzavek, a retired teacher from The Rivers School in Weston, MA, divide their time between JT&T and their apartment in Arezzo, Italy.

We moved to Jamaica Plain partly because of the close proximity to museums, music, and restaurants, not only in Boston and Jamaica Plain, but also in Brookline and surrounding suburbs. Living at JT&T also enhances the freedom in our lives – freedom to travel when we please, freedom from home maintenance chores, and the opportunity to be less car-dependent.